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About us - Our Story so Far

Our story begins on Saturday March 24th, 2018 when we had a launch meeting attended by about 50 people (there is also some pre-history – see below). Following this meeting, we formed a Core Group of 9 people, and this group has now met 16 times – initially monthly, but then fortnightly since 20th October.

The main features of what we have done are

  • We visited the Forgebank Co-Housing in Halton near Lancaster in May 2018
  • Then we visited the LILAC Co-Housing in Leeds in July 2018
  • We had a workshop with an external facilitator in September 2018 to develop our “Vision and Values” statement
  • We also had a group training in Consensus Decision Making with a facilitator in December 2018

These have all been very beneficial for us – the tours have helped us to clarify our ideas, to see what has worked well for other projects, and (we hope) to avoid some mistakes.

The Vision and Values and Consensus workshop sessions have helped us to clarify what we want and given us more tools to achieve our goals.

Any new recruits to our Core Group may need some help to catch up, and we are considering how to provide this, and improve our own skills.